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Reapers Spoiler Free Review

Reapers - Bryan Davis


Reapers is the first book in an action-packed sci-fi/fantasy series by Bryan Davis. In an almost post-apocalyptic world the hero Phoenix attempts to serve his reaper sentence. However, problems thwart him from every angle and force him to either stay true to his morals or abandon them all together.


When first reading the synopsis for Reapers I thought it was a really interesting and unique idea. I think a lot of people, including myself, are fascinated with the idea of what comes after death and this novel explores that. Well, at least it explores how your soul gets from your body to its final resting place.


Davis took a spin on the typical reaper tale and made the Reapers in his book a staple in society. They weren’t imaginary symbols of death that children were scared of in the dark. They were mythical creatures of death who had once been regular people, forced to serve the reaper sentence.


The character dynamic was something I really enjoyed in the book. I fell in love with our hero, Phoenix right away (how could I not with such a great name?). The other characters sprinkled in through out the chapters. Davis developed each character in such a way that was illuminating as well as intriguing. Little details would be spread out here and there about each character, similar to a treasure map, where the ‘X’ marked the spot when you finally, satisfyingly understood the character.


The plot in Reapers flowed well with actions at the beginning of the novel coming back to haunt the characters at the end. The story had fast-paced scenes and steadier ones that allowed my heart beat to slow and rest. All in all, the plot of Reapers was a true moving story with a hundred different pieces that could have fallen apart if they weren’t so expertly crafted. The plot tied the novel together nicely and created an ending while also leaving things unanswered for the rest of the series.


I would recommend this novel to anyone who is fascinated with life and death, the future, or reapers as themselves. This book might just become one of your favorites.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.