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Emotions - Arnie Cantarero, Kiyomi Sakamoto An extraterrestrial posing as a human who's only goal is to have human emotions? The concept of this novel is a little on weird side but that what I love so much about the science fiction genre and Arnulfo Cantarero captures it wonderfully in Emotions.

Starting with a glimpse into the present events and then a journey through the life of Jason Ariaz the story had me hooked from the very beginning. I wanted to know how things had gotten so dire in the prologue. What events propelled the story that way? I loved the journey Jason went through attempting to figure out humans as well as himself and his AI, Computer. When it comes down to it, Emotions is a story about finding one's self, about realizing those important to you and the lengths you will go to in order to protect them from harm.

Jason's love story with Ariel was truly destined by the stars even if Jason couldn't feel any emotion. Watching him make a fool out of himself for years around Ariel because he lacked emotions was hilarious and quite sad. My heart broke when Ariel attempted to move on with her douche boyfriend and then again when she had the brain tumor, for a moment I forgot the beginning of the novel and thought she really was going to die. I couldn't contain my joy when Ariel and Jason kissed for the first time, causing him to have an emotional episode. I loved when Jason realized his own love for Ariel causing him to have his final, and permanent emotional episode in order to save her, himself and his friends.

This book threw two major curve-balls my way that I didn't see coming and I was thoroughly impressed when they happened. The first of which was Rick being the son of the Commander. I knew Rick was horrible and frankly a dick but I never imagined his father was the Commander, the one who had been trying to kill Jason's parents. After that was revealed surely there wasn't anything bigger, right? I was wrong. Stephanie, the girl that Jason met, his first real friend was an extraterrestrial like him with her own AI, Susan. To be completely honest, I knew Stephanie was the same as Jason after their encounters together. But I never would have guessed she was his sister! I was mind-blown by that fact and really happy with the turn of events.

The end of the novel left me satisfied. All of Jason's friends found out who he really was and instead of rejecting him, as I had been so afraid for, accepted him and continued being his friend. Jason kept his memories, his love for Ariel among them, my OTP endgame. Jason realized even more of his powers, which truly make him an invincible force. The ending also leaves room open for imagination which is important: Who exactly is the other alien? What is he like? Is it possible for Stephanie to gain emotions as well? Having proven that it is possible for one of their kind to gain emotions like humans what will the alien race do?

In the end I thought of giving this novel 4.5/5 stars but through writing this review I realized that it is indeed a 5 star novel because it contained all the things I love in reading: an amazing plot, well developed characters, relationships, and a complex but well-explained plot. Arnulfo Cantareo truly crafted a piece of wonder with his novel, Emotions.