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No Plain Rebel

No Plain Rebel - M.C. Frank Did you fall in love with No Ordinary Star? Was it amazing and wonderful? Well multiply that times a hundred and you get its sequel, No Plain Rebel.

I usually do not enjoy sequels more than the first book but NPR has made that short list for me. If I could get it ten stars out of five I would it was so great.

While I'm still reeling from that ending I'm going to start at the beginning on the novel for this review.

Astra and Felix, our match girl and tin solider, discover more about the lies and secrets around them. I was left shocked by the mysteries that were revealed in NPR. Literally, my jaw hit the floor. It's those types of revelations that either make or break a book. Either the mystery is revealed and the book becomes boring or the truth of the mystery propels the story further. I'm happy to say it was the latter win this novel.

Going back to our two main characters...be still my beating heart. Oh, this book just gave me all the feels. And then my heart was thrown in a blender.

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I love Astra and Felix so throughly. They're so pure and innocent and adorable. I could use all the words to describe them but for purposes of keeping this review on the short side I'll leave it at that.

For me there was one big OMG moment in this book and if you read it you know what it is. If not, let's just say this was the moment my jaw hit the floor. I just stared at the page after it was revealed. With that, there were other moments where I just sat there, mind-blown as well.

The world is also more built up in this novel. I think all the questions I ever had about how the world go so screwed up were answered. The Library is built upon; the Colonies are explained more; and more relationships are added.

And...that ending. But you know it's a good book when the cliffhanger makes you want to dive off that cliff in search of the answer.