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Characters: Love to Hate

This is a new series of blog posts I'm going to do called Characters. Each week (hopefully) I'll upload something having to do with characters so let's begin!
We all have those characters that we fall helplessly in love with. Then, something happens and you just want to murder them, you hate them. I have too many characters like this. And it really makes me sad because of how much I used to love them; but I can never forgive them for the things that they have done.

WARNING. This blog post will contain spoilers for the following series: Maximum Ride, Divergent, and the Maze Runner. You have been warned.


Angel from Maximum Ride by James Patterson
Let's begin with the character who always come to mind when I think of those I want to throw in a hole to die: Angel. Oh this little seven year old used to be my favorite in the flock except for Max and Fang, of course. When me and my friends picked characters for myself I was even Angel. I loved her so much. And then FANG happened and everything changed.
This was the novel when that devious little seven year old took control of the flock. She basically ran Max and Fang out of the flock and took control. And then she was basically the reason Fang left in the end by telling him Max couldn't focus on protecting the flock with him around. In the end, I didn't hate Angel yet but my love for her was gone. I hated what she had done to Max and Fang and the flock.
I don't even remember what she did in ANGEL but my dislike of her continued. However, I was a bit sad when she "died." And then Nevermore happened and I hated her. Once again I can't remember what happened except one fact (it's been too long okay? A reread of the series is in order). She's the freaking Voice. Or wait...she's who's James Patterson wants you to believe is the Voice. I honestly do not believe it at all. How would Angel know half the stuff the Voice did? And when the a Voice came to be Angel didn't even have the full extent of her powers yet. Honestly I feel like Patterson set up the Voice to be someone else but the plan fell through and he just said Angel was it. Anyway after it was revealed she was the Voice she became a know it all for me. She always thought what she said was best for the flock. C'mon Angel, Max was the one who's been protecting you your entire life.
Then..Forever happened. I didn't even want to mention this book but I will. Once again Angel opened her big mouth and breaks and flock up and drives Fang away too. Stop Angel, just stop it. And at the end...she's leading the flock when they're flying? Like what the hell? Max is the leader, Max has always been the leader. The series is called Maximum Ride for pete's sake not Angel. She had basically became the leader and I hate it so much.


Theresa from The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Now, before I begin, my knowledge of Theresa only comes from the first novel and second movie. I stopped reading after the first book because honestly the series just didn't interest me anymore.
Theresa, oh Theresa. Oh course I loved her in the beginning. She was the only girl character and being a girl I was glad to see my gender represented. She was cool and I sort of shipped Theresa and Thomas a bit (now I hate that ship). I don't really know when my hate for her begin. Maybe it was when I began to ship Newtmas or Thominewt and she was in the way. Maybe it was when I realized how flat of a character she was. I don't know. But I sure as heck know I hated her when she betrayed everyone at the end of the Scorch Trials. And the worse part was: I knew she had done something. I knew something was off with her; for almost the entire movie I knew. Oh Theresa, you could have been so much better. Why did you have to do those things.


Tris from Divergent by Veronica Roth
It's not even that I hate Tris, because I don't...I just don't like her at all anymore. (The same goes for Katniss but I'm going to talk about Tris). When I first read the trilogy I loved her. Six and Four was my otp. I cried when she died. It was really bad and I was so depressed. I couldn't believe Veronica Roth would do something like that to us.
But...now whenever I think of Tris I have nothing but dislike. I wonder where did all this go wrong? And then I figured it out: the movies. Don't get me wrong Shailene Woodley is an amazing actress...but she's just not right for Tris for me. She wasn't what I imagined. And the movie Tris started to cloud my view of book Tris. And now she's completely clouded it. I can't see Tris in any other way then the movie and I hate that. I hate it that I hate Tris because I used to love her so much. Maybe I need to reread the trilogy. And maybe one day I will and fall in love with Tris all over again, but for now she's included in this list.


And in interest of not making you read this all night...I'm done! Those are the characters I loved but now hate. Do you have any characters like this? Let me know below! Thanks for reading!