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Conquering Kingdoms Book Tag


I've seen like everyone doing this tag on YouTube so I thought I would! And coincidentally I'm reading a Falling Kingdoms book right now which is what this tag is based off of! Not giving credit to anyone in specific because I think the publisher sponsered a few people's vidoes but notable people who did this tag were Katytastic JessietheReader and abookutopia.


1. In Mytica, there are constant betrayals and you can't trust anyone. Who do you trust to be your constant companion on this adventure?

When I heard this question one character came to mind: Puck. Oh Robin 'Puck' Goodfellow from the Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa. He's such a good character. He's Megan's best friend and has never betrayed her in anyway nor do I ever see him doing it. He'd be a great friend because he's fiercely loyal and super funny so he would always keep me entertained. 
2. You'll come across many who will want you dead in Mytica, so you need to be ready to fight. What kind of warrior are you?

Uhm, well I'm not really a fighter or anything. My flight response is stronger then flight to be honest. So I'd probably be the mary sue that everyone hates who cowers in a corner when bad guys come and let their love interest defend. I can't really think of a specific character for this but you get the picture.
3. Which fantasy world would you like to conquer?

I'm gonna go cliche here and pick Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Cause who doesn't want to be a wizard? I would love to be one and go to Hogwarts. Just no Voldemort please. And I don't want to be the chosen one or anything. Or friends with the chosen one. I don't want to constantly almost die. Please. 
4. Which fictional character would you choose to rule by your side?

Fang from Maximum Ride by James Patterson. Because Fang was one of my first YA loves and I still love him to this day. He's so much bae. 
5. Who would you throw into the dungeon?

You will be reading this all day if I list everybody I want to throw in the dungeon. There's just too many characters. I'll just name three and explain as to why. First; Aroybann from Throne of Glass because anybody who's read that series know how much of a horrible person he is. Two; Octavian from Heores of Olympus because he's just so annoying and I laughed at what happened to him in BoO. And third; Gale from the Hunger Games, I freakin hate Gale so much. I even had Peeta hit him with a rolling pin bloody from a fanfiction of mine years ago. 

(Special mention: Karen Gillian because that's what Tony Lee wants to do. Taken from one of his panels at Gallifrey One 2015) <---- It's an inside joke. 
6. Who gets stabbed in the back?

Magnus from Falling Kingdoms. How you like it now?! How do you like it now Magnus?! I'm still very mad at him from what he did in the first book. But I actually really like Magnus. But I would still stab him in the back. 

7. What elemental magic would you choose to wield and why?

Normally I'd be a water/fire girl. But, me and all my friends picked elements based on our eye colors. Since my eye color is green hazel I'll be choosing Earth. Cause I guess throwing chunks of rock at people is cool. 


I'm tagging everyone who reads this....just kidding. You don't actually have to do it! But feel free if you want to ^.^ it was a lot of fun!