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Maximum Ride Forever Review

Maximum Ride Forever - James Patterson

sighs Okay I'm doing this...I'm really doing this... 


I finished Maximum Ride Forever (which I will refer to as Forever) in basically three and a half hours. Honestly, it was rollercoaster of feels, just like every Max Ride book has been. Reading the first few pages I nearly cried I had missed Max and the flock so much. 


First main event: Dylan "dies." Is it bad that I didn't feel sad? I actually texted my friend "Yay!" I never liked Dylan. He got in the way of Max and Fang was just too perfect. I never formed a liking for him, even after this book. 


Second main event: Angel basically breaks up the flock. If she wouldn't had opened her big mouth about going to Russia the flock would still all be together. Yeah sure they lived and everything in the end but I didn't like it. She had to talk about Fang dying again and I was like "didn't we already go through this in FANG?" Max and Fang have sex (ugh I should have seen chapter 88 coming) and he leaves in typical Fang style. The Iggy and Gazzy pack up and leave. Angel's like "I'm going to Russia!" and leaves. Max, Nudge and Total are left. (Oh yeah Alika died D: )


Max, Nudge and Total go off back to the island only to find no one(shocking) except the gills people who confirm that Dr. Martinez and Ella are dead. I was really kind of sad. I thought they would somehow had survived (but no, sadly). Max ultimatly leaves Nudge and Total there going off to Russia only to end up in Africa and face off with these cannibal people and eat termites. 


Horseman sneaks in a "kills" Nudge and Total. I cried because I thought it was real at the time and didn't know that the Horseman was actually Dylan. And Max has no idea about it. Fang's doing some stuff on the west coast of America like nearly getting killed by these people and then Star shows up (I wanted to kill her, I'm still not over her betrayal). 


Then it cuts to Iggy and Gazzy who get ambushed by these amazon girls. And ultimately you think Gazzy and Iggy die from the Horseman. I cried I really did. I told my friend "oh! I see how Patterson's tying up loose ends, he's kill everyone. Okay." 


And Angel's doing....I don't know. I don't remember. That's how much I lost respect for her. 


Fang eventually finds Dylan fighting improved Erasers. And I'm shouting "GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE FANG. DON'T DIE." Because that was supposed to be his death as Angel showed him in her vision. But of course, he does the Fang things and tries to help Dylan. I don't think it was Fang's death that hurt me the most...they tore off his wing. That broke me and I really don't know why. And then Fang died. (But I knew Fang was alive because I cheated and saw his name later on xD) 


Oh and Jeb's there. 


Dylan meets up with Angel and Max suddenly and I'm cussing Angel and Dylan out in my head because of the traitorous people they are. Then Dylan says he didn't actually kill everybody and he just faked their deaths....except for Fang. Fang is really dead. My feels broke. 


Oh and you find out Dylan is a Horseman. Okay. 


Long story short the three of them meet up with everybody in Russia, all the mutants, the flock and other people Angel gathered. And Angel basically leads them into battle and that's what really makes me mad. Max is the leader. Not Angel. Max should have been the one doing that. I don't care if Angel is physic or whatever. Max has always been the leader and Angel just kind of pushed her from that role. Sorry, let me rephrase that, a bitchy little seven year old pushed her from that role. 


Battle time. Yay! Max finds Dr. Hans and they realize he's the bomb or whatever so Max takes him and flies really far away and is talking to him and he's going on and on about Max's generation dying out and stuff. And then basically Max is like "Stfu I'm pregnant" and she drops him and lets him die. 


And I thought this was really powerful. Except for like erasers or something like that, Max hasn't killed anyone (correct me if I'm wrong) I clearly remember her saving the bad guys or them dying not because of her. This is Max's first kill. 


And the pregnancy thing. Really, Patterson, really? Ughh..okay I could go on forever about this but I won't. Okay. I'm done. 


Dylan shows Max that he has Fang's body in the lab and has been working to restore him to life. Dylan asks Max is she wants him to she she says she does and then Dylan dies cause the price was his life. (YAY!). 


But Fang's alive and I'm super happy. 




Fang's really alive and everyone has to go underground because of nuclear winter or whatever. And Max has a daughter named Phoenix and after like 5 years they leave underground and all the bird kids go to South America or something for some reason and live there. 


And that's where Max is writing the novels from. And at the very end Fang and Max take a first flight with their daughter. 




But really...things that disappointed me: Angel (I still hate her so much), Angel being the leader (hate that too), Dr. Martinez and Ella are dead (*forever crying*), the whole pregnancy thing. 


And now...I don't really know if I like Forever or Nevermore more. I kinda wish things were like they were at the end of Nevermore. At least then everyone was alive and I didn't have to go through the stupid love triangle thing again. 


Ugh, whatever. What did you think? Comment below!