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Maximum Ride Forever Speculations

Maximum Ride Forever - James Patterson

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for all the Maximum Ride books up to this point. You have been warned. (Obviously it does not contain spoilers for Maximum Ride Forever because it's not out yet). is


Tomorrow is Maximum Ride Day! May 18th marks the release of the final Maximum Ride novel (well if it goes the way of Nevermore...not really). Of course, I had already pre-ordered the book, let's see how good Amazon shipping is. 


Maximum Ride holds a special place in my heart. It's one of the series that made me a bibliophile way back when in 8th grade (I'm a freshman in college now). I read the entire series up to the point it was at (Fang was the latest book out). Then I got Angel as soon as it came out and Nevermore after that. I read Nevermore faster than I thought humanly possible. And then I cried because it was the last book. But I cherished it and looked back frequently to my favorite parts (most notably the fax scene). 


Fast forward two years. August 31, 2014. I go to barnes and noble and what do I see? The 'MAX IS BACK' sign by the Maximum Ride books. (Biggest table flip ever). I nearly died right there in the bookstore (I'm sure I'm not the only one). 


I have been waiting for tomorrow since August. And I am really glad Patterson's doing another one because God knows Nevermore was a little disappointing. 




First of all. What the heck even happened in the end of Nevermore? Yeah so is the world like gone...? Is everyone dead except the people on the island? What the hell is even going on? It was a very vague ending and left me very confused. Like I seriously thought there was another chapter and then there wasn't. 


And Epilogue the Last my ass. (had to say it)


Secondly, that crap about Angel being the voice? What the heck, seriously. Patterson, what were you thinking? I just...I don't believe that it can be her. She was too little and innocent way back when in the Angel Experiment to be the Voice. Yeah, maybe the Angel in "Fang" could be the Voice but not way back when. I really hope that's explained because I just don't believe it. 


The love triangle better be freaking over. I swear. Max and Fang are meant to be and Dylan can deal with it. (That's my opinion I'm not trying to be mean to anyone else). 


And back to Angel. I'm sorry but I used to love Angel. Until Fang when she basically goes crazy wanting to lead the flock. I lost all respect for her after that. I think that side's still inside of her. The evilish part. I want that to come out or something. 


And...this is what happens when I haven't read Nevermore in three years. I can't remember anything else. Oops. Oh well. 


Excited for Max Ride tomorrow! I can't wait!