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The Heir Book Review

The Heir - Kiera Cass

So let me start out by saying that this book was amazing and I loved it. I need the next book and who even knows when that is coming out!! 


Starting off, I didn't like Eadlyn much in the beginning, I still like America over her (omg D: ). But, as the book progressed I began to like her. Ship wise I think she's gonna end up with Kile but I wouldn't mind if she ended up with Hale or Henri.


Ahren is my bae. Here that Kayla? He's MINE. (Lol friend). Moving on, I hate that he got married to whatever her face is. I wanted him in the castle because I love him XD I kind of have a feeling that they're gonna get a divorce or something. We shall see.


Oh my freakin Gods, I LOVE Kile. When he ran into Eadlyn in the hall I was like 'yup, they're gonna end up together.' I have a hunch that Kile's had this unrequited love for Eadlyn growing up and he put his name in the Selection because he secretly wanted to be chosen. Oh and I'm going to throw Josie in a well, okay? 


I kind of wanted to slap Eadlyn throughout the story cause like she kept saying she hated the selection and would never find love...her mother said the same thing and look where that lead. Like mother like daughter I guess.


Speaking of America, I love that she kept Marlee and Lucy around. It's so nice seeing them all interact. But back to the new Selection...


So many boys oh my god. I was like 'who the heck do I pick?!' in the beginning. But I have decided that my favorites are Kile, Henri, Hale and Fox. They're all so great!


As for the Selection itself, typical events of the Selection. However, I loved the cooking scene until Burke ruined it. The thing that the other boys put on for her was cool but I liked the cooking thing a lot more. 


But...we must talk about the ending. When Ahren leaves a piece of my heard broke. He's my bae and he just up and left! Ahren! Really?! And then he literally broke America's heart. Good job, being a good son there, Ahren. I will feel so bad for Ahren if America dies because I know he'll always blame himself (I mean, it is his fault but still). America better not die or I'm going to bawl my eyes out worse than I did because of the events of Allegiant. 


Let's talk about the references to the Selection series. There was so many and I caught everyone and nearly squealed each time xD But two of those instances stood out to me the most: 

1) Mom smiled. "I actually still think about the other girl often. She turned out to be quite lovely." - pg 289 of 430

----> OMG She was talking about Celeste. I nearly cried at that part. I learned to love Celeste in the One. I'm still upset about her death. 

2) I don't remember the quote because I didn't get it until like 100 pages later but Eadlyn mentions that her mom and dad don't like the beach much. I figured out why! Maxon would probably have to take off his shirt at the beach (I mean he doesn't have to but still). He has the scars from his father on his back. Omg. Just..feels. I don't know what feels but feels. 


Alright, I guess that wraps up my book receive! Five stars! Great book! I NEED the next one like now.