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The Selection Series Review

Hello all! I have recently finished reading the wonderful and amazing Selection Series by the also wonderful and amazing Kiera Cass! 


My words cannot express how much I loved this series. I know the series is not finished, but it feels as if it is considering the Heir will not be about Maxon and America. (Sorry for spoilers but I did spoiler tag this). 


I'll start with the Selection. I loved this book so much and it really helped me get out of my reading slump. I wanted to read something with a love story with action on the side. This was the perfect book for me. The Selection was amazing and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I actually read this book instead of studying for finals, which might not have been the best choice but I'm a bibliophile, what else do you expect? 


I loved America with Aspen in the beginning. Like they were so cute. Although, I knew as soon as Maxon came in I would fall in love with him, and I did. He's the bae. I would go in the stupid selection to meet him xD 


I loved the love story between them and I loved the entire book America was like 'I'm not going to fall in love with him. I'm just staying here for the money.' And I was like 'America, come on.' That was great. I knew from the moment she kneed him in the groin she was going to be the one he chose. 


I actually hated it when Aspen came. I didn't want him to mess up America and Maxon and I knew it was going to happen eventually (AKA that chapter in the One where my head had basically been torn from my chest). 


All in all, the Selection was amazing and I gave it 5 stars. 


Next, to the Elite. I loved this book as well and I think it only took me a couple days to finish. There were so, so many times in this book I was terrified that Maxon and America weren't going to work out. They had so many fights! So many stupid things. 


Now, I'm going to merge my review of the Elite and the One together. I read both books back to back and I can't remember some of the events that happened in each one. I'd rather not be wrong. 


I hated, hated when Marlee got found out. But I knew it was coming. I knew from the moment America left the Women's room and found that officer waiting that he was waiting for Marlee. It killed me. What killed me even more was America getting so mad at Maxon. Like, come on America. He did was he could. 


The part in the safe room. *Internal Screaming* That was one of the greatest parts of this series. Maxon and America were so perfect. That was like the first time I had hope for them again because of all the stupid fights they were having. For a while there I really felt like he might choose Kriss. (And I was really scared).


I guessed that America's dad was a rebel. Like, it's pretty obvious. Right after America tells him about the books the Rebels find out about them? Like it was pretty much right there saying that her dad was a rebel. What I don't like is how he suddenly died. Like, I wish it would have mentioned something before hand. Like maybe he could have had a heart attack or something before. At least a little foreshadowing or something. 


I love, love how Maxon and America were when she came back. Although, for a minute there I was scared when she returned to the Women's room to find out that he was picking the next day. I was like "did something happen between him and Kriss?!" And then he showed up at America's door, perfect. They were so adorable and I got so many feels at that point. 


Maxon told her he was going to choose her and it was so perfect....cue to the part where my heart was torn out. Maxon and Kriss see America and Aspen in the hall. LIKE REALLY?! I mean, the book was almost over and I knew it had to come out sometime but it killed me still. 


" "Don't. You. Dare," Maxon ordered through gritted teeth. "You put on a smile, and you wear it to the last second."

I blinked away the tears and gave a weak smile.

"That'll do. Don't let that slip until you leave the room, do you understand?" I nodded. He looked into my eyes. "I'll be glad when you're gone." " -The One

Maxon, Maxon my baby. Don't be so cruel. He was so mean (but I kinda digged it??). I understand him completely, I really did. America broke his heart. I half thought he would have a change of heart in the middle of the night and still choose her, apparently not. Then I thought, something has to happen. Like a rebel attack or something and...

"I watched in confusion as a red-marked guard walked up behind Celeste and put a bullet squarely through the back of her head." -the One

Cass, I am so sorry, but that was so crude and cruel. That is the single most part I hated about this book. I get that it was supposed to be dramatic and unexpected. But couldn't you have killed off Elise? Or Natalie? Or someone else? Not Celeste, not when her and America were just friends. 


Long story short...king and queen are dead (kinda mad at that too, not the king the queen). Maxon is king. Maxon proposes to America. The wedding day comes. 


Omg, this epilogue. So great, so amazing. My feels. Marlee is America's attendant and her brides made. Perfection. Aspen and Lucy are together. Amazing. One thing I did not like though...

"While Lucy made it through the attack and chose to retire, Anne was simply gone." -The One

What..What exactly does this mean? Is Anne dead? Or did she disappear? Cause that's the feeling I got from that, like they never found her body. I hope this is brought up in the Heir cause it's seriously bugging me. 


All in all, loved the ending. Gave both the Elite and the One five stars. 


I have not read the novellas yet but I plan to read the Guard and the Prince asap! 


I cannot wait for the Heir. I looked up the summary and...I was a bit disappointed. Yes, I presumed it would be about their daughter. But I thought it would be America and Maxon raising their daughter, not her selection. I can't wait to see how the world is now that the castes should be dissolved but I'm still a little irked. I wanted more America and Maxon, right now I could really care less about their daughter. 


I'm sure in the coming months that feeling will go away xD It always does with books like these. I'm still living in America's and Maxon's world. Like, I was listening to the amazing band, Tonight Alive, today and literally all of their songs can relate to America and Maxon. It's so perfect. 


Anyway, I'll stop for now. I think I've said all I have to say about the Selection Series. See you all for my next review and thanks for reading!