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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed this book. I feel as if this is going to be favorite book of 2015, if not definitely by favorite contemporary book. 


I am way late on the Fangirl/Rainbow Rowell train. The first time I heard of Rainbow Rowell was last year on somebody's booktube channel. I kept hearing, and seeing Fangirl, Attachments, Eleanor and Park, and Landline everywhere but I never read any of them. Mostly because they were only available in hardcover and they were super expensive and I didn't want the ebook of a book I knew was going to be spectacular. I read My True Love Gave to Me around Christmas time last year and fell in love with "Midnights" by Rainbow. It really made me want to read more by her. This year, I started something new. I'm only buying one book a month. So, it was February and I hadn't bought a book yet. I go to my local bookstore and there it is, sitting there all beautifully. So I bought it. 


I fell in love with Fangirl immediately. It actually got me out of my reading slump. It took me a few days to read it and that was only because I was too busy to read it. Honestly, if I could have I would have read it in one day. 


At the beginning I thought Wren was a really big B to her sister. Like I was totally with Cath the whole way on being mad with Wren. I feel as if I really connected to Cath, as all us fangirls did. Especially because this is also my first year of college and I had (and still have) many of the same feelings Cath had. 


I loved the Cath was such a big nerd. Like if I was more outgoing that would be me. I'm not going to lie...I was actually rooting for her and Nick at the beginning of the story. Cause he was so nice and charming in the beginning and their writings just flowed so perfectly together. Levi was the one who actually annoyed me and I didn't ship her with Levi until I saw how much of a douche Nick was. Like, basically stealing Cath's writing, really? 


One thing I really loved about Fangirl  was in between the chapters the text from either Simon Snow or one of Cath's fanfictions. It was really great and cute. 


I actually don't really like Wren. Like she was so mean to Cath in the beginning. Even though she gets better I just can't get over my dislike for her. 


Cath and Levi are so, so cute. I shipped them hardcore after I started shipping them.Driving her all the way back home? Twice? Adorable. Cath reading to him? Perfect. And Levi's a fanboy, which is the best part.


Don't get me wrong. I loved Fangirl I gave it 5 stars didn't I? But, like with every book, there was some things that I wasn't crazy about. First off, I feel as if the ending was kind of rushed. Like what happened with her Simon Snow fanfiction? Did she finish it before the book came out? How does the final Simon Snow book end? Do Simon and Baz get together (cause that was seriously hinted). What's going on with Cath's mom? Cath writes her final project but is she happy with the result? 


And then...I finished the book. I rated on Goodreads and looked at Rainbows other books and I saw it. Carry On. I added it to my to-read forever ago because I meant to read all of Rainbow's books. But I didn't understand then....this is Cath's fanfiction. This is Simon and Baz and all of their loveliness. I seriously cannot wait. I need it so bad. 


And that, my fellow bibliophiles concludes my review of Rainbow Rowell's wonderful book Fangirl Please, please comment with what you thought as well! I would love to talk about this great book!