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Fractured by Sarah Fine

Fractured - Sarah Fine

** spoiler alert ** Thank you Amazon for sending me this book :D



Let me just say that.

It was so great and was a real roller coaster read. I was so, so scared the entire book someone bad was going to happen. And then something horrible did happen, Malachi died. I cried at this point. No one is allowed to touch my baby! I never thought someone would happen to Malachi I thought it would happen to Lela.

In the beginning this book was a little slow and I admit it took me a couple days to get through. Then I read the part where Lela and Henry pretend to be homeless and I read the entire rest of the book in one sitting. I had to know what happened next. There was so, so many cliffhangers at the end of the chapters! But, I like that, it keeps the momentum going!

I'm sad that Jim died, I mean he was cool but he's still going to like country-side or somewhere or something and I have a feeling he'll pop up again considering Lela's going to be in the underworld.

The ending. Oh. My. God.

I was showing the entire time "Go Lela!" I mean sure the judge will be pissed and so is Raphael but whatever. I mean, it was the only way to possible get to the Mazikin realm which I have a feeling she will in the next book.

All in all I thought this was a really great read. I give it 5 stars because it was so, so amazing and I loved it the entire time. It was funny, and the feels, and Malachi...need I say more?

Recommend this to anyone but read Sanctum first, obviously!