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Fire and Bone Spoiler Free Review

Fire and Bone - Rachel A. Marks

It's been a loooong time coming but I finally finished this book! And it wasn't the book's fault that it took me so long, it was life. After I was finally able to continue reading I read the book in a week!


Fire and Bone by Rachel A. Marks is the first in the Otherborn series. It follows main heroine Sage as she is trust into a world of deities and she's forced to figure of what it is that she wants as she discovers the truth about the world around her and herself.


I'm giving this book a 5 star review for a number of reasons that will be explained in this review. Let me just say that I loved it a lot and I can't wait for the rest of the series!


I'll start off by talking about the characters. To be completely honest, I found Sage a bit annoying at the beginning of the novel. I suppose I can't blame her though for not wanting to trust in the new reality she found herself in. However, by the end of the novel I absolutely fell in love with her as a character. In just 360 some odd pages she changed completely from the beginning of the novel and I loved that character development. Another character that surprised me was Aelia who I grew to really appreciate as well. And of course, we have to talk about the swoon factor of the book, Faelen and Kieran. Hot magical boys, what's not to love? I guess you could say that they're two sides of a coin: Faelen the good and Kieran the bad. But there's so much more to them and I loved getting to explore that in the novel (also Kieran is just one of my favorite character names of all time).


It's refreshing to read a book about Celtic mythology. It's not something you see very often, or at least something that I haven't. I literally knew nothing about the deities coming into this novel but it explained everything that I needed to know and by the end I wasn't confused. What I also love about the book is that while its based on these deities the children of them are more important so you don't really need to know much information on the deities themselves.


The plot of this novel was fast-paced and I liked that. The entire book happened within a couple weeks time (well..for the most part) and I was glad it didn't feel like a long drawn-out read. From the beginning of the novel your mind is working trying to figure out what the Before scene is about and what this infatuation with fire that Sage has. As the novel progresses you get tid bits here and there but never the whole story. But that just kept me wanting more. I had to keep reading to figure out the whole mystery. And then once I did, well I was surprised.


The end of the novel wrapped up the story well while leaving it open for the next books in the series. I pretty much knew what was going to happen in the final chapter but it just make me say yaaaasssss when it happened but also nooooo. And then the epilogue...brilliant. I can't wait for the next book!


I'd recommend this book to fans of Percy Jackson and just teen fantasy books in general. Love magical guys? This book is for you. Love strong female characters? Yup, read this book. Want a kickass read that will leave you wanting more? Read this book now.