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2017: Year in Review

Here we are everyone, on the final day of 2017. It's been a long year, for a lot of reasons. 2018 comes for me in less than nine hours. For many reason, I can't wait to put this year behind me and look forward to a new one. Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful New Year and 2018. Without further ado here's my Year in Review for 2017! 




As this is a book blog I decided it would be best to start off with books of course. I read 30 books this year and even though I did not even get halfway through my reading goal of 65 books I'm still proud of myself. Below I'll talk about my two favorites, one least favorite, a special mention, and a recommendation. 


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen clocks in at my second favorite read of 2017. It has taken me years to read this novel but now that I finally have I love it so much. This is probably my favorite classic of all time and I love the timeless love story between Elizabeth and Darcy. (Love P&P? Check out Lose Me by M.C. Frank!) 


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas has to be my favorite book of 2017, considering it may be my favorite book of all time. The series A Court of Thorns and Roses is a true masterpiece and the second book did not disappoint. It built upon everything from the first book beautifully, gave me all the feels and a new few new ships. 


The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan makes the list as my least favorite of 2017. Being my least favorite does not make it bad considering I enjoyed every book I read this year. However, as a Riordan book, I expected this book to be so much more. I was just expecting it to happen the entire time and I felt like something was missing when I finished the novel. That being said, I still gave this book a four star review. 


No Ordinary Star by M.C. Frank is my special mention of the year. This series is lovely and beautiful and will remain to be one of my favorite trilogies of all time. I was on the street team for this series and let me just tell you they're a magical group of people. Frank is one of the most wonderful person I have ever met. If you haven't picked up this series yet...well...you should. 


Emotions by Arnie Cantarero earns the recommendation slot. Arnie contacted me earlier this year and as he was the first author to contact me directly about reviewing a book I felt honored. Emotions is a science fiction novel unlike any other where an extraterrestrial named Jason has no emotions. The story follows his quest to gain emotions, something his society has lost. It's an amazing story; I also had the pleasure of reading the sequel and that book was just as awesome. If you're looking for a new indie book to read this is it! 


TV Shows: 


When I'm not reading I'm usually watching television. Thankfully, that gives me much material to create this list. As with the books I will be mentioning my two favorites, my least favorite, a special mention and a recommendation. These will include shows that I watched in 2017 whether they were new or binge-worthy on Netflix. 


Heartland is a show that I fell in love with years ago and continue to love to this very day. It is a Canadian show about a horse ranch named Heartland. But it is so much more as well. The relationships on the show are some of my very favorite and I eagerly wait each Sunday night until the episode is uploaded online. If you haven't checked out this show yet I suggest that you do. 


The Office deserves the top place in my favorites of 2017. I finally finished this series early in the year and I laughed, died, and cried along the way. I can finally say I understand that reference now when I see *stares into the camera like I'm on the office.* Jim and Pam were prefect, the humor was hilarious, and how I wished it could have gone on for seasons longer. 


Pretty Little Liars takes the spot for my least favorite. I fell in love with this show years ago, however in recent seasons it fell further and further down in my list. The show just didn't seem the same. And, actually, I hated the finale. I had my own opinions of how the show should have ended and how it did...well that just wasn't that. It's a shame because of how much I loved this show years ago, and all the memories associated with that. 


Stitchers is my special mention. I was truly surprised by this show. I had seen trailers for it when it first came out and really didn't think that it would be my cup of tea. But after pursuing Hulu I came across it again. And this time I loved it. I loved every second of it. And I got caught up...only for it to be cancelled. I feel like this show had so much more to give and I will grieve it along with the dozens of other shows that went before their time.


I have to recommend the entire Arrowverse. This includes the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow (and any other show CW will release).  I am proud to say I have been on this bandwagon since Arrow started all those years ago and I am just immensely impressed with that the CW has done with it since. The crossovers are honestly just the best thing ever. If you have not watched any of these shows I will ask you a simple question...why? 



That's it for my Year in Review! What did you watch or read in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!