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Untitled - Sarah Fine First off I want to say thank you so much Amazon/ goodreads giveaways for sending me this book!

This entire trilogy was amazing and Chaos was the perfect end. My heart was hammering the entire time I read this thing. It was just so amazing.

I loved all the twists and turns. I loved how Ana was with Lela and then they found Takeshi and rescued Malachi. And then, of course, they're real ally was the Smith (not the Tanner). Predictable but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I was very sad when Henry died. Then I remembered: he's just gonna end up in country side or wherever he came from on guard duty so he'll be okay. I love how Malachi and Lela get to be happy together and alive. One thing I wish was explained though was about Jim. I said he died but Chaos never talked about him at all.

Nonetheless, AMAZING book. Loved it, 5 stars!