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The Ugly Stepsister

The Ugly Stepsister - Aya Ling This novel takes a very different look on the typical 'Cinderella.' As much as I love typical fairy tail retellings this is very refreshing. Kat is your normal teenager, and a bibliophile. She accidentally ruins a Cinderella book and is transported into the book (every fangirl's dream)! Through her guide, Krev, she learns that she has to complete the happy ending of the story in order for her to return to her own world.

Without giving away spoilers, this book is amazing, plain and simple. The characters in the book are very well developed and easy to fall in love with (or hate depending on who it is). It's also a brain racker, you trying to figure out how Kat's going to make the happy ending happen. It's very refreshing to see the Cinderella tale from one of the step-sister's point of views.

This book leaves you with a twist ending and make you wish for more. (I'm secretly hoping there can be more). A very well written novel and an enjoyable read! Thank you Aya Ling!