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Books That Define Us

So this is just something I'd thought I'd blog about because I've been thinking about it a lot lately. 

Everyone has that one book, or that one series, or maybe dozens of books that stand out to them. Maybe it's because that's what got you into reading, maybe you connect with it on some level. Whatever it is, we all have them. And I just thought I'd talk about a few of mine today. 


Warriors by Erin Hunter

Yes, this is the series about the cats that live in the wild. Honestly, it seems a bit childish now and if I hadn't started reading the series eight years ago I wouldn't have just bought one of the books on Thriftbooks two days ago. I want to say that Warriors sparked my reading. Sure, I read a book here and there before that. I enjoyed reading but I didn't do it avidly. Then, my friend was reading these books and she showed me the website but I wasn't really that into it. That was until I went to the school library and checked out the fourth book of the first series one day (it was all they had okay?). Anyway, I started reading them after that. I read them so fast. I was ready for the final book of the third series when it came out in 2009. 

After reading all the Warriors I could I started with the authors' second series: Seekers. I loved that as well. I think after that I flew through any book I could get my hands on. 


Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Yeah, I talk about this series all the time and I'm sorry. It's just a really big part of my life. I started reading this series 7 years ago in 8th grade. I read it because my teacher had a few of the books in his library. And also because my friends all got into reading them. I actually started with the fourth book The Final Warning. Because that was all that was available when I wanted to read it. My friend had the actual first book. Max Ride became such a big part of my life, so much more then Warriors. This was mainly because a group of four friends and I all read the series. We all picked characters that were ourselves (I was Angel, a choice I regret so much now). We talked about the series nonstop. We let each other borrow the manga editions. I drew wolverine on steroids in art class (it was actually Ari but it was so bad). 

Even after I moved away from my friends Max Ride remained to be a central series that I read. I eagerly awaited a new book or a new manga. I reread. I supported the movie campaign (which failed...horribly). I wrote fanfiction. I had so many feels when the series finally ended with Nevermore (And then Forever happened but I'm trying to erase that from my mind). Max Ride is a series that I loved, and a series that I will always love (even though Forever is an abomination). 


Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

For me this series was another stepping stone towards the hoard of books that I call a library. I started reading the series after the saw the first movie (I know, I know it suckedm but I enjoyed it at the time). I read the entire series over the summer before my 2nd year in high school. When the school year started I was actually jealous of someone in my English class reading the Lost Hero because I wanted to read it but I didn't have any money to buy it. That person later on became my best friend. Not because I was jealous, because we were in other classes together and our other friend pulled us together. 

Anyway, she let me read the first two Heores of Olympus books (which was all that was out at the time). I loved them so much. Mark of Athena was one of the first books that I bought on release day I believe. Percy Jackson to me is a huge part of my life. With this series I really got involved in the fandom. I had a facebook page about it and then I followed social media. I loved this series. 


The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

This series almost goes hand in hand with Percy Jackson for me because I started reading them both around the same time. This series however had a first for me: my first OTP or the first time I really even knew what the heck that even was. It was Clace, Clary and Jace. My OTPs of OTPs (and the show is breaking my heart because I do not like their relationship in it). I believe I really started hardcore shipping with this series. I had in the past but I didn't really know what it was. TMI is an important series to me. Like I said, it's were shipping really began for me. And to a fangirl, shipping is almost everything. 


Panic by Lauren Oliver

This is an odd one and one most people probably wouldn't even put on this list, but it's important to me. Panic was the first, or one of the very first, contemporary novels I ever read. People were raving about it so I had to pick it up. And I read it within a couple days. It was great and amazing and I loved every second of it. I don't really know why, but Panic sparked my need to read more contemporary novels. I verged away from just fantasy and science fiction and started to get into the core of YA (my bank account regrets this). 


And...that's it. Yeah. There's more books that have had an impact on me as a reader but none as much as these. When people ask "what's your favorite series?" or "What got you into reading?" these always pop into my mind.

As always, thank you for reading and listening to me ramble! Comment below or post your own blog! I would love to hear what you have to say!