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New Year...Back to the Blog!

— feeling excited

Hey all! Long time no see! I've gotten out of blogging really. But 2016 will change all that...hopefully anyhow. I'm making an effort at least! Starting in 2016 (which is still 2 hours away for me) I will attempt to do all of the following:

~Read at least one book a week

~Post a blog at least two times a week

~Post a review of every book I finish 

~Finish all the books on my shelves

~Buy less books (I don't have the money T.T) 

A short list but still a long list XD I'm really hoping I can do all of the things on this list. It would be really amazing. I've never been really commited to this blog and that's going to change! Starting tomorrow!

Another new thing! I'm also going to start posting a little update at the end of my blogs basically saying what I've just finished, what I'm currently reading and what I plan to read next! 

Until next year....Thalia~


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